Globalization Around Us

Have you ever heard the term globalization? Globasilsasi comes from the word globe which means the world, and globalization means global. This means that the world is so wide and the distance between countries is not an obstacle to being able to connect with each other. Technological advances from day to day play an important role in the creation of the globalization process.

Of course, we often watch television broadcasting events in various parts of the world. We can also communicate with relatives or friends who live in other countries easily. All of this can happen thanks to advances in technology and communication that are so sophisticated.

When it’s hot and feeling thirsty we might look for packaged soft drinks like Coca-cola or other fizzy drinks. We can find these drinks easily even though these drinks come from outside countries. This is a little picture of the impact of globalization that is around us.

1. Change in Community Behavior

globalization around us

The influence of globalization has influenced the behavior of our society in various areas of life. This change does not only occur in urban communities but also in people who live in rural areas. The effects of globalization can have both positive and negative impacts. Therefore we must be able to choose the good ones to apply and the bad ones we leave.

a. Lifestyle

Changes in life patterns can be clearly seen in a big city like Jakarta, which is full of skyscrapers. As can be seen in big cities in other developed countries.

People’s lives have also changed due to western influences. Starting from clothes, hair, socializing, and home styles. However, it is also important to remember that not all influences that come from outside our country can be applied just like that. We should stay away from the behavior of other nations that is not in accordance with the personality of our nation.

b. Food

Previously, we used rice as a staple food, then with globalization we have recognized noodles, spaghetti, burgers, and pizza as a substitute for staple food. We can find various foods from other countries around us. Various fast food restaurants are also scattered throughout the archipelago such as McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, and KFC, all of which are served food and beverages from America. Now with globalization, foreign food is easy to find everywhere, especially in shopping centers.

c. Clothes

Jeans, T-shirts, suits, evening dresses, party dresses, and wedding dresses are also inseparable from the impact of globalization around us. Jeans and T-shirts are easy to find. Even suits that were previously only worn by westerners have now become international official clothing. Evening dresses, party dresses, and various western style wedding dresses can also be owned easily. These clothes come from western countries which are now worldwide.

d. Communication

Some of you may already know and even have a cellphone. This is one of the advances in communication technology that develops in line with the current globalization. The growing internet technology also allows people to communicate and exchange information in any part of the world quickly and up to date.

e. Transportation

Airplanes are an example of progress in the transportation sector as a result of globalization. With airplanes, the movement of goods and people from one country to another becomes fast and easy. The distance is no longer a problem. The development of aircraft types is increasingly diverse and increasingly sophisticated.

f. Values ​​and traditions

Values ​​or norms are unwritten rules but are recognized and respected by the community. However, these values ​​have now begun to shift, even mixed with new values ​​that come from outside. The traditions of the ancestors have slowly begun to be forgotten. As people who are smart and love the country, it is fitting that we maintain values ​​and traditions that are in accordance with the national personality.

2. Evidence of the influence of globalization

The impact of globalization that hit our society has felt its impact in our daily lives. The use of cellphones, computers, cars, clothes, and the same food as people in various other countries is evidence of the impact of globalization on people’s lives. Thus it seems as if there are no boundaries between one country and another. In fact, there is a lot of evidence of the impact of globalization, here are some that we can see around us.

a. Print and Electronic Media

With print and electronic media, manufacturers can easily provide information on a product to consumers. The printed media includes newspapers, magazines, tabloids, advertising leaflets, and others. Meanwhile, electronic media include television, radio, and the internet. In this era of globalization, making advertisements to introduce products is very important so that people are familiar with the products offered.

In the competition between producers, advertising plays an important role in supporting the successful sales of a product. Among them by using the artist as an advertisement star. This method is more effective because the public first gets to know the artist who brings a certain product. Look at the television that shows various commercials starring one or several well-known artists.

b. Tourism

Another impact arising from the flow of globalization is the incessant information about tourism through existing communication technologies. Many foreign tourists come to our country to visit various tourist objects in Indonesia. In fact, it is not only tourism areas that have felt the impact, residents around the area have also benefited, from the increase in income they receive to the available employment opportunities. This is a positive impact from the influence of globalization.

Did you know that the presence of foreign tourists will increase our country’s income? Foreign tourists who come to Indonesia to enjoy the natural beauty and culture of our country, have provided great benefits for our people and our country.

c. Migration

Migration is the movement of people from one place to another. The reasons for residents to migrate can vary. There are those who want to get a job and a better life in another place until they finally settle down, and some are temporarily for study or business purposes. This population movement is supported by the convenience of increasingly advanced transportation technology and adequate transportation.

d. Telecommunication

We may have used the internet, for just chatting, sending e-mails, or playing games with people in distant places that we don’t even know. With internet technology, we know teleconference which allows someone who is far away to meet face to face. The development of technology via satellite provides a significant role in the advancement of telecommunications. The definition of telecommunication itself is communication carried out remotely.

It turns out that there are so many impacts that can be felt in the life of our society? This fact proves that the effects of globalization are of great benefit to us, although it is undeniable that there are also negative impacts.

3. Our attitude towards globalization

The globalization flow is so large that has swept our country, it is no longer possible for us to resist it. The positive and negative impacts will inevitably enter our society. There are no boundaries that prevent the entry of information, both technology and communication, making us able to choose and sort information that is useful for life.

The attitudes of our society also vary in responding to the globalization that is swirling. There are those who accept it openly and are happy to apply it in life with the hope of progress, and there are also those who do not want to accept it because they think that this globalization will have a negative impact on the social life of society and create a large gap between rich and poor.

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