5 Travel Destinations You Must Visit in Dunedin, New Zealand

When you hear the name New Zealand, people usually think of big cities like Auckland or Wellington. However, there are many other interesting locations in Kiwi Country, including Dunedin. What are some interesting places in Dunedin?

5 Travel Destinations You Must Visit in Dunedin, New Zealand

travel destinations you must visit in dunedin new zealand

1. Dunedin Railway Station

The Dunedin Railway Station is the most photographed building in New Zealand. In addition, this Dunedin Railway Station has very good acoustics. If you are lucky, when you visit this location you can watch free performances from Dunedin musicians too, you know.

From this location, you can take a sightseeing train that will take you to see the views along the Otago coast on the Seasider route or the beautiful canyons on the Taieri Gorge route. This tourist train is designed for tourists, so you will listen to a guide about the places you see along the train ride.

Every Saturday morning, Dunedin Railway Station hosts the Dunedin Farmers’ Market, where you can buy fresh vegetables and fruit produced in the Otago region. You can also taste a variety of hot foods and drinks such as a lamb pie that is typical of New Zealand.

2. University of Otago Campus

The University of Otago is New Zealand’s oldest university founded in 1869. It is the campus that produced New Zealand’s first female lawyer, Ethel Benjamin. The University of Otago is also the only campus to offer dental programs in New Zealand. So, if you meet a dentist in this country, it is almost certain that he is an Otago alumnus.

Although it has several campuses in different cities in New Zealand, the University of Otago’s central campus is in Dunedin. This campus is famous for its Clocktower (clock tower) which is a mandatory location for taking photos for tourists and for University of Otago students themselves, especially on graduation days.

3. Dunedin Botanic Garden

Dunedin Botanic Garden is a botanical garden located in downtown Dunedin. Entry is free of charge, and citizens of Dunedin use the area for both exercise and relaxation.

Dunedin Botanic Garden has several areas with different themes, such as the Japanese, Mediterranean, and African-themed areas, so you can take photos as if you were in many countries on the same day. The Dunedin Botanic Garden also has greenhouses with a tropical climate and a large collection of aviaries.

4. Beach St. Clair

Do you want to experience swimming in New Zealand’s seawater, but are afraid of getting cold or being swept away by currents? Don’t worry! On St Beach. Clair, there is a seawater swimming pool whose water is warmed. But, this swimming pool is only open all summer (September-March), yes. In winter, local residents are reluctant to swim by the sea.

If you are not afraid of cold water, St. Beach. This Clair is one of the most famous surfing locations in New Zealand. For beginners, there is also a short surfing course that you can take here.

Every weekend, you can also sample the local food trucks that sell their wares here, such as Dunedin’s famous Patties and Cream ice cream. This ice cream uses local ingredients with unique flavors, such as lavender and honey.

5. Organ Pipes

Dunedin has beaches, and Dunedin has mountains too. If you like hiking, you will definitely love these Organ Pipes. The name Organ Pipes is derived from the distinctive shape of the basalt stones that resembles an air chimney on a church organ musical instrument.

Climbing the Organ Pipes is quite exhausting, so make sure you wear shoes that are suitable for outdoor activities and bring enough drinking water. The weather in Dunedin is also volatile, so it’s best to bring a waterproof jacket and definitely bring a camera too. How, are you interested in visiting Dunedin?

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