Enjoy the Beauty of Ijen Crater

Ijen Crater Nature Tourism is a tourist attraction that is widely known by domestic and foreign tourists because of its natural beauty. Every day Ijen Crater is never empty of visitors. On normal days visitors to Ijen Crater are only hundreds of people on average, but on holidays it can reach more than 2 thousand people, even at certain moments such as New Year’s Eve, visitors can reach more than 4 thousand. Every year there is always an increase in the number of visitors, both domestic and foreign, along with the increasing popularity of Ijen Crater.

the beauty of ijen crater

Banyuwangi is an area that will never die. The world of tourism in this city is being hit and becoming a netizen conversation. Moreover, this area comes with a variety of beautiful scenery. Uniquely, there are only 2 of these views in the world. First is New Zealand with its sky charm, and Indonesia with its crater charm.

From the name of the crater, you must already know what a tourism object is? Yes, Ijen Crater. One of the many mainstay tourist attractions in this city. Ijen Crater is a must-visit icon. Some even say they haven’t been to Banyuwangi if they haven’t been to Ijen Crater.

Is it just the blue fire charm? No, this area has a variety of sights that must be visited. Intrigued by this area, let’s look at the exploration of Ijen Crater below.

About Ijen Crater

This most beautiful place is on Mount Ijen. A mountain that has names throughout the Banyuwangi area. Interestingly, Ijen Crater is the site of an international event that is held almost every year. The event is the Tour De Ijen. Where a lot of participants from abroad take part in this annual cycling event.

Therefore, this area has a very smooth and soft road that is different from the roads around other mountains that are still less friendly. To go up to the Ijen crater, you must use a special mask because a very strong sulfur smell is present between climbing trips.

This sulfur is the forerunner of the formation of blue fire. Sulfur combines with the crater with the highest acid levels and oxygen to form a very beautiful sight. This view only exists at midnight until before Fajr approaches.

Ijen Crater Attraction

Beautiful views are presented in between the journey from the starting point of the climb to the peak area. Here you will see some people going back and forth carrying sulfur from the mountain to the bottom. Their struggle is commendable. Because they carry sulfur with a weight of approximately 50 kg for a single carry.

You can imagine not going through these ups and downs and steep terrain carrying a heavy burden for the sake of life. Therefore, it is recommended for those of you who meet them on the way to provide road access first. At least that’s what we can help them with.

ijen crater sulfur miner

Sunrise and Blue Fire

Ijen Crater is famous for its blue fire. This is the reason many tourists visit this area. The sunrise spot and the blue fire spot are indeed different. This Blue Fire spot is a bit far from the sunrise spot because this spot is near the crater. So, you have to descend this crater first.

Be careful going down this crater, and it is recommended not to enjoy it for too long because the smell of sulfur is very strong and pungent. You may faint from this pungent odor. Once satisfied with this spot, you can enjoy a very interesting sunrise spot.

From this crater, you have to go up a little bit to get to the sunrise spot. The best time to visit this area is November to January, and April to May. Where this area has a very beautiful and enchanting sunrise view. Therefore, Banyuwangi is called the Sunrise of Java.

blue fire ijen crater

Special Souvenirs

This is the interesting thing in this area. with some souvenirs made of sulfur. This beautiful souvenir can be obtained with prices starting from only $2. This souvenir is specially made by sulfur miners. You can buy it as a way to help their economy.

It is recommended that you do not stay here too long. At least at 7 in the morning, you have gone home and come down from this crater, because in the afternoon the smell of sulfur will be so strong that you have to pack up to go home. Not infrequently, you will find out if this mountain will be closed because the smell of sulfur is very high.

If in the rainy season, the smell of sulfur will be very pronounced, so please be careful, there is something else that you must also pay attention to, namely the season is very different. Banyuwangi residents assess that Mount Ijen is unique, namely when the city is hot, the Ijen area will rain. So, don’t forget to bring a coat.

moon ijen crater

Address and Route Location

This area is located on Mount Ijen. For those of you who want to visit this area, it is recommended to take public transportation if you are from outside the city. Just take the Sritanjung train with prices starting from $6. Why should Sritanjung? Because only this train arrived in Banyuwangi at 9 pm.

This hour is the most appropriate hour for those of you who want a backpacker to go to Ijen. Get off at Karangasem station, not at Banyuwangi Baru which is the final station. After getting off at Karangasem Station, you can continue your journey by renting a motorized vehicle.

Right in front of Karangasem Station, there are lots of motorbike rental places for only $5. with the condition that only leave a valid identity card. After that, you just need to follow the instructions that are widely available from Karangasem station to Mount Ijen Entrance Post.

At the climbing post, you will meet a variety of fantastic stalls. These stalls are ready to serve all your needs in the form of food and drinks. So it can be used as an alternative when hungry or thirsty. In this parking lot, you will continue your journey to the top on foot.

This road is quite sharp and also steep. So you have to be careful. In stepping on and down rocks. You need to be careful here because the air is very stinging so you must bring a special mask.

smoke ijen crater

Price of admission

The ticket price for this area is also quite cheap. To enter the protected forest area, you will be charged a fee of $2. To climb Ijen Crater itself is only charged for $ 1, but you are not allowed to bring a DSLR camera.

For parking fees, you will be charged $0.5 for two-wheeled vehicles and $1 for car users. Well, if you want to rent a tent with complete equipment here, it will cost you $15.

Ijen Crater is tomorrow’s area that can be used as a means of life for children who often come to this place.

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